Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring your skin

Looking out of the window this morning, I can just about see the warm yellow glow of sun between low, grey clouds. Perhaps (please!), the storms will stop soon, and maybe spring isn't as far away as we think.

The sun fights back

Of course along with this change in season will come a distinct change in wardrobe, and we may even think about the possibility of getting our legs out soon.

At last count approx 90% of British women have cellulite, in most cases on the thighs. Inner-Soul's founder and aromatherapist, Emma bore this factor in mind when she was designing our Circulation Boost Skin Oil, because she herself was experiencing the dreaded belly cellulite after having her 3 children. This non-greasy oil contains geranium and rosemary essential oils, known for their abilities to banish sluggish, slow blood flow, helping to flush away those cellulite pockets. This 99% organic body oil also contains softening sesame, olive, almond and jojoba oils to leave skin hydrated with a beautiful glow.

Our skin oil also has a bright scent
to give the mind a boost and can also be added to bath water

After a few weeks of massaging the oil onto her tummy, plus adding a few drops to her bath, Emma saw the dreaded cellulite dimples reducing and decided to share this product with the world.

Circulation Boost Skin Oil is now available at 25% off with code VALENTINE25 at checkout, until February 15th.

And don't forget that you will also receive a 30ml complimentary product with each order, plus we donate £1 per item sold to registered charity the Katie Piper Foundation. 

So why not get cracking with your spring regime now and pop over to for a look at our Boutique!

I have high hopes for that sun! Xx

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