Friday, 10 July 2015

Hip and Healthy: The Beauty Behind the Brand

This month our founder Emma chatted with inspiring healthy guru Sadie Mcleod, founder of her favourite go-to health and fitness website This site delivers top quality insight on how to take best care of you from the inside out and has a fabulous Activewear Shop too so you can look your best whilst doing it!

Emma: Tell us more about your role as editor at
Sadie: I started Hip & Healthy when I couldnt find engaging health and fitness content delivered in a stylish and fun way on the net. It became increasingly apparent that the UK was also missing a destination to buy stylish sportswear so we then built the digital activewear store too. My role used to encompass EVERYTHING but now I have a team I tend to focus on growing the business, building and maintaining relationships with clients, partners and brands as well as sourcing stylish new gear and focussing on the marketing side of things.

Emma: What inspired you to launch Hip and Healthy?
Sadie: I was living in Hong Kong freelance writing and through researching health and fitness titles that I was hoping to work for I realised that very few of them were on line and none of the ones that were online where lovely to look at and delivered a luxury product to the reader - thats when I thought that I could fill that gap in the market. It was very soon after Hip & Healthy first launched as an online wellbeing magazine that we then set wheels in motion to get the digital activewear set up.

Emma: What are the top 3 philosophies behind your site?
Sadie: To inspire our readers and customers to be the best versions of themselves. To eat naturally and as organic as possible. To workout for yourself, not for any other reason.

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Emma: What has been a personal highlight for you since Hip and Healthy began?
Sadie: I love nothing more than when a reader gets in touch telling us how an article inspired her to adopt a healthier lifestyle or when a customer shares their H&H outfit on instagram. They inspire us to keep doing what were doing.

Emma: Did you always have an interest for all things fitness and health?
Sadie: Yes - my mum instilled a love of healthy food in us (I have a sister and a brother - both of whom are ridiculously healthy as well) from a young age. The fitness passion came later - when I was at university - and I realised how great it made me feel.
Sadie's healthful lifestyle choices have been inspired
by family and further encouraged by how good she felt

Emma:Tell us about your latest news
Sadie: We have just launched our first ever physical retail space at Psycle Spin Studios in Canary Wharf.

EXCITING! You can now pick up items
from the Hip and Healthy brand at Psycle

Emma: If you had the power to change one key thing about the world...? 
Sadie: That is such a good question. Can I ask for world peace?

Emma: Which people / person have most inspired you in your life? 
Sadie: So many people inspire me daily; my family inspire me to be the best mum, wife, sister, daughter I can possibly be. And I am constantly inspired by other women who have started their own business - especially those who have children. It really is hard on another level once you become a mummy!

Emma: Which special things do you do to nourish yourself and stay centred?
Sadie's Pearls of Wisdom x

Sadie: Have a bath. Run. Do yoga. Indulge in a face mask. Eat the best raw chocolate. Travel to the South of France every year. Eat dinner with my husband. Read a magazine with a cup of tea. They may not be super special, but they are special to me.

Emma: What pearl of wisdom would you give your 16 year old self?  
Sadie: Dont squeeze your spots