Thursday, 13 February 2014

Meet Pamela Bini, Founder of

       When we at Inner-Soul came across we were more than a little impressed to find a beautiful website which offers a wide range of services for parents. 

       Founder Pamela Bini found some time in her busy schedule to tell us more about her business, her own inspirations and being a mum

ISO: We love the fact that offers a unique information and shopping experience for mums and dads. Tell us more about what inspired you to offer this service.

 Summer 2012. By this time, my daughter was 5 and I was a full time entrepreneur
leading an industrial business in the petrochemical field. Which means, as almost all
the mums in the world, I had no time at all to start a new business! But I wanted to
challenge myself, coming from such a different business, with an MBA and a BA in
English, German history and literature, to add some sparkle to my “serious business
grey days”. As a result of this, I decided to start writing a blog. This simple decision
turned my life upside down! I started writing about my life as a mum and about
children topics: food, fashion, design, parties and etcetera. While perusing the web to
find inspiration, I realised something was missing. Mums needed a one-stop shopping 
platform where they could furthermore meet and find mums like me: terribly busy,
short in time, in love with their children and shopping addicted! So I decided…I can do
it! I wanted to build up a virtual place where mums like me could create their own mix
and match of products for their children from thousands of e-shops worldwide,
discover new stuff from other known and unknown mums, share their creations and 
buy their discoveries inside the platform and on social networks.This is how the great
adventure of MyChildWorld started.

Pamela takes time out with her young daughter

       ISO:  What has been a personal or professional highlight since was        born?

People and especially women are my personal and professional highlight. My best friend, Roberta Desogus, became the best business partner ever. She is co-founder and COO of MyChildWorld. I met the great Sofia Gouveia, who became CMO of MyChildWorld, helped the platform to grow and became a trusted friend too! I met many interesting and supportive women: bloggers, merchants, journalists. I learned a lot from their experience and I realized that the vision of “Eva against Eva” is a man stereotype!

Women, mums or not, in business support each other in many ways: giving advice, support, a shout out or even just sending a nice email. I wish more women would code, be CTOs and work in tech because they usually are, in my humble opinion, more organized, focused and hard working than men. And of course are organized multitasks!

The website allows users to create their own, unique 'house' with
rooms containing items of personal interest. Bliss!

ISO: What future plans do you have for

My dream is to make mums’ shopping experience easier and more fun. I want to bring together e-shops with great and well known, high quality brands and e-shops with one-of-a-kind products for little ones. I want to make the creation process and discovery experience more intuitive and easier by improving browsing categories and search engine. 

I want it to be possible for a mum with a sleeping child on her arm to use MyChildWorld easily and effortless. I want that a mum waiting in a line at the post office can shuffle and buy on MyChildWorld app without having to wait to be in front of the computer. This is my vision: buying doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore for mums but a fun and easy experience.

ISO: What advice would you give someone planning to set up their own online business?

Have a vision and stick to it. Do you want to help people? Give a service? Bring some fun in their life or support them? It doesn’t matter what you are creating or offering, you have to learn, ask questions, make plans, set goals, build relationships and connections, and always keep your vision in mind. There is going to be ups and downs, good and –many – bad times but if you believe in what you are doing, you won’t give up.

ISO: What has been your favourite or most inspiring part of being a parent to date?

I cannot tell. My daughter is a constant source of inspiration for me, from the moment she was born. She made me a better person. I am more patient, more consistent, more tough and determined because of her. She made me understand the importance of small steps, the importance of living and of enjoying the moment. She made me remember how it was watching life through the eyes of a child. She can drive me crazy but I am actually the happiest and luckiest person in the world because of her.

ISO: If you could arrange to meet anyone you chose – from a part of history, or living today – who would it be and why?

Leonardo Da Vinci, because I would like to speak with one of the geniuses – if not the greatest – of the whole human history.

Artistic genius and inventor - 1452-1519

ISO: Which person has most inspired you in your life?

My mother. She has been working all her life (she is 60 and still working), she grew up in her work from being a secretary to becoming the CEO of a small company. In the meanwhile, she took care of two children, a house and a husband. She was, and still is, a wonderful mum and wife. She is intelligent, hard working and well organized. Not to mention, she is the most humble and beautiful human being I know.

ISO: Your mum sounds wonderful - what a role model! 
        How do you take time out to relax?

I do yoga and Pilates once a week, meet friends for a coffee and spend time reading or coloring with my daughter.

ISO: What would you tell your 16-year-old self? 

You are beautiful. Enjoy the moment.

ISO: Valentines is a big deal in the States. Do you and your loved ones have a particular way of celebrating?

We write Valentines for each other, my daughter wrote Valentine’s cards for all her classmates and teachers. My husband and I write a card for our daughter and give her a chocolate heart. We have a nice and romantic dinner with candlelight and we exchange small gifts.

The website's accompanying blog can be viewed at

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring your skin

Looking out of the window this morning, I can just about see the warm yellow glow of sun between low, grey clouds. Perhaps (please!), the storms will stop soon, and maybe spring isn't as far away as we think.

The sun fights back

Of course along with this change in season will come a distinct change in wardrobe, and we may even think about the possibility of getting our legs out soon.

At last count approx 90% of British women have cellulite, in most cases on the thighs. Inner-Soul's founder and aromatherapist, Emma bore this factor in mind when she was designing our Circulation Boost Skin Oil, because she herself was experiencing the dreaded belly cellulite after having her 3 children. This non-greasy oil contains geranium and rosemary essential oils, known for their abilities to banish sluggish, slow blood flow, helping to flush away those cellulite pockets. This 99% organic body oil also contains softening sesame, olive, almond and jojoba oils to leave skin hydrated with a beautiful glow.

Our skin oil also has a bright scent
to give the mind a boost and can also be added to bath water

After a few weeks of massaging the oil onto her tummy, plus adding a few drops to her bath, Emma saw the dreaded cellulite dimples reducing and decided to share this product with the world.

Circulation Boost Skin Oil is now available at 25% off with code VALENTINE25 at checkout, until February 15th.

And don't forget that you will also receive a 30ml complimentary product with each order, plus we donate £1 per item sold to registered charity the Katie Piper Foundation. 

So why not get cracking with your spring regime now and pop over to for a look at our Boutique!

I have high hopes for that sun! Xx