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Meet Katie Piper; Truly a Woman to Inspire

The Katie Piper Foundation - a registered charity number 1133313 -  is a worthy cause which is very close to our hearts here at Inner-Soul Organics, not least because founder and CEO Katie has shown remarkable strength, energy and perseverance in working tirelessly towards her goal in helping people with burns and scars in a number of ways.
Here Katie explains more about her charity's invaluable work, future plans and how she will be spending Christmas 2013

Founder and CEO of the Katie Piper Foundation

ISO: The Katie Piper Foundation has been established for 4 years now - tell us a little more about the charity and the work it does:

KP: Our vision is a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well-being.  The Katie Piper Foundation aims to make it easier for people to live with burns and scars.  We provide access for burns survivors to specialists in  cosmetic tattooing, hair replacement systems and laser treatment.  We provide advice on scars on a one-to-one basis.  Social interaction and peer support is provided through workshops, activities and classes – and this year we have started a pilot workshop programme in conjunction with the Nottingham Burns Unit.

We know that positive role models are very important for changing attitudes and raising awareness, so we’re providing training and advice on inspirational speaking to a number of burn survivors who will be able to represent us in the many schools, colleges and businesses that fundraise for us.

And in addition, projects we have funded in 2013 include Scar Academy UK – a training course for burns care professionals who heard from a wide range of experts and clinicians about the innovative treatments and options available to treat burns and scar; and also a six month Holistic Therapy Trial and research project at the Mersey Regional Burns Centre which we have agreed to extend for a further six months into 2014.

ISO: What has been a personal / professional highlight for you since starting up the Foundation?

KP: Seeing the burns survivors who originally approached us for help going through our system of treatments and workshops and now being in a position to help others at the start of their journey.

ISO: Sounds incredible. Any new plans for the KPF in the pipeline?

KP: Our latest appointment, just last month, to the Foundation is a key individual – Mr Kayvan Shokrollahi – a consultant plastic surgeon – who will be leading the Foundation into an exciting future.  Not only will the Foundation be helping more burns survivors than ever, but Kayvan’s involvement will provide many new opportunities for the charity.  I anticipate my team at the office will be very busy next year!

Proof that Katie's choice of treatments can genuinely improve the appearance of burns and scars.
Find out more about treatments offered by the charity here

ISO: What advice would you give someone setting up their own charity?

KP: When I set up the Foundation, I found support and advice the most crucial thing, so building up a team of people with a vested interest in your cause is a must.

ISO: You’ve had a varied life so far – what has been your most inspiring event to date?

KP: Winning the Pride of Britain award and then having the privilege to return the following year as a judge and listen to some incredible stories of strength and courage.

A cupcake making event organised for beneficiaries of
the Katie Piper Foundation

ISO: If you could arrange to meet anyone you chose, who would it be and why?

KP: My late grandma as she died when I was 4 years old, so I would love to have a dinner with her and find out all about her life.

ISO: Which people have most inspired you in your life?

KP: My Mum and Dad

ISO: Describe your essential get-ready process before leaving the house in the morning.

KP: I don't have much time in the morning, I usually leave the house before 7 am. A shower is a must but sometimes my make-up is done in the car at the traffic lights! I am strict with my skincare routine and don't ever sleep in my make-up. I have regular facials.

ISO: You have great style – what is your ideal winter day out and what would you wear?

KP: I love out door ice rinks at Christmas - so I think a pair of faux-fur ear muffs would be essential!

ISO: Do you and your family have a particular way of celebrating Christmas?

KP: The most important thing for us all is to be together as a family. We always have a traditional lunch and then fall asleep after the Queen’s speech!

ISO: So what are your Xmas plans for this year?

KP: With my family, that's what Christmas is all about for me.  This year I am cooking for everyone at my house - 16 people !!!

ISO: What do you love most about Christmas?

KP: That everyone is in a happy and helpful mood, spread the love!

Inner-Soul Organics Luxury Skincare is proud to work in partnership with the Katie Piper Foundation, donating £1 per product sold across our entire skincare range to the charity. 
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