Sunday, 10 November 2013


It's been a while and things have been hectic here in Kent but was determined to write SOMETHING today!

As you may know I worked as an aromatherapist for 12 years  - in fact, my practice was called Inner-Soul back then and I still see some of my clients (read friends), when I get the time! Anyway, we are planning to promote specifically designed massage techniques with our products to help our customers get the best possible results. Massage is a wonderful way to boost the blood flow beneath skin, which can really help with combination, dry and sensitive skin types by actively flushing away toxins. I love some the Ayurvedic facial techniques which are vigorous but leave a lovely glow and can even help to lift any creeping sagginess. Watch this space, will keep you posted!

Facial massage is a great skin tonic and will leave a natural glow.
Inner-Soul Organics will soon be launching some massage steps to help our customers get the best results when used alongside our Barefaced Beauty Natural Serum

We are placing samples of our two body oils - Circulation Boost and Romance Me - in the boxes going out in December and so are preparing those this week. I am still making some of our samples at home and some are made in London.

Body oil samples ready for

Also been designing some bespoke oils for combination skins this last week - including, unusually, a male client - so lots of non-greasy formulations and plant extracts to calm redness and dryness as well as balance the skin's sebum production longterm. Excessively oily skin can also be helped through diet and I always give advice about this to clients alongside their skin product as I work closely with a Nutritionist.

Tailor-made skin oils can provide a simpler solution to skincare issues.
They can also help customers to avoid costly and time-consuming searches for the prefect product.

A really old friend got married on Friday and it was so wonderful to see her happily marrying her man. They met on and she had cleverly themed the tables with dating websites - we were! Her choice of reception in Somerset was called Maunsel house  - - and is absolutely stunning. The bar is gorgeous and apparently Chaucer wrote some of the Canterbury Tales upstairs in one of the bedrooms! Took me back to my school days and my English teacher who couldn't contain her love for the man!!!

Thanks for reading, great to catch up!

Emma x

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